Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first, and only, online resource exclusively featuring the protocols of those who are in remission from Lyme disease.  Through my own wellness journey, I found many wonderful resources, and have met many great people through personal websites, Lyme forums, message boards, and email groups.  While this has been wonderful and I have been grateful for the support, I felt there was something glaringly missing: Where were the people who got well?? And how did they do it?

That’s where comes into the picture. We are a site that exclusively features the protocols of those who are well, and in remission.  We have found that may of the people who do achieve wellness end up moving on with their lives, and never look back. Can you blame them? We hope that this site will be their living legacy, a space for them to pay it forward, and help others just by taking a few minutes to outline their wellness protocol through an easy to fill out form.

Thank you for being here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Be well friends,